We're here to enhance the way we live, work, and connect

Combining state-of-the-art technology with our financial expertise, we aim to build a world of borderless money transfers where time and costs no longer stand in the way of your goals.

Our mission

To bring people together on a single real-time platform for the fastest money transfers in any currency.

Building the all-in-one platform for instant money transfers

Our story began in 2019, now Fin.do is the only app you need to send and receive money anywhere and be sure your payment gets to any destination instantly, every time.

We’ve all been there: whether you need to pay an invoice, help out a friend, or send money back home, some money transfers can’t wait.

So we’ve put all our effort into building the most reliable, convenient, and secure infrastructure for money transfers.


We are a team of like-minded entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers with a shared passion for technology and innovation.


Zhana Dar

Founder & CEO

Sergey Panov

Backend Developer

Tatiana Karaulanova

QA Engineer, Project Manager

Andrii Plotnikov

Backend Developer

Andriy Pylypenko

Financial Director

Anna Zelenska

Risk and Support Manager

Ihor Tsivan

Frontend developer

Volodymyr Demianovych

QA Engineer

Yevhen Didkivskyi

Business Analyst

Tetiana Voichyshyna

Risk and Support Manager

Toma Pukhlyakova

QA Engineer

Roma Sapelkin


Anastasia Zhelikhovska

Creative Project Manager

Inna Voleynik

PR & Marketing Project Manager

Ana Dragnea

Сontent Manager

Viktoria Sandrogailo

Risk and Support Manager

Khristina Sukhomlin

Project Coordinator

Elena Gaidar

Risk and Support Manager

We're hiring

product designer
talent acquisition lead