New in Send Money to GCash Cards

New in Send Money to GCash Cards


At we’re constantly working on making money transfers as convenient, quick, and accessible as can be. So if you haven’t been keeping up with the good news, here’s what’s new in

  • Our app is now available in two new languages: Polish 🇵🇱 and Spanish 🇪🇸 (in addition to English, Ukrainian, and Russian)
  • We’ve added 17 new global money transfer routes 🌎
  • You can now transfer money using to GCash Mastercard cards 💳

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the GCash Mastercard card, how to get one, and how to receive money internationally using the GCash card in

What is GCash?

GCash is a popular Philippine mobile wallet and mobile payments service launched in 2004 and used by more than 60 million people.

Like other digital wallets, GCash enables you to easily make payments on the go, send money, pay bills, and shop online or in-store without having to carry cash. You can learn more about how digital wallets work here.

What makes the GCash mobile wallet really easy to use is that you don’t need to own or open a bank account in order to use it; all you need is a mobile device (a smartphone or a tablet), and a Philippine mobile number.

GCash also has a Mastercard-branded reloadable prepaid card which customers can use to make purchases and cash-out their GCash balance.

How to get a GCash Mastercard card

The card is available to verified GCash mobile wallet users who can apply for the GCash Mastercard card right from their GCash app, following a few simple steps.

The benefit of a GCash card is that you’ll also be able to use it to withdraw funds at ATMs and to make cross-border money transfers in any currency using the app.

What is is a card-to-card money transfer platform available in 69 countries across 5 continents. It enables you to seamlessly transfer money between cards in a matter of seconds. works with any Mastercard and Visa card (including those issued by Revolut, N26, or GCash). You can learn more about which types of cards can be used to transfer money via here.

With, you can send any currency from anywhere in the world, with a transparent currency exchange calculator and no currency exchange markup.

How to transfer money using the GCash card and

You can send to a GCash Mastercard card via from any of our 69 destinations around the world.

To get started, link your Visa or Mastercard card to your account. You can do so by manually entering the card details or more easily by scanning your card using the app.

We automatically verify every card added to, so a balance of at least $1 (or a different denomination) is required before you can send money from your card. Your card will not be debited. Once your card has been verified (this usually takes a few seconds), you can start sending money.

Regardless of your card's default currency, you can send any currency to a GCash card - including USD, EUR, GBP, or another currency if you wish.

Before you send, you’ll preview the currency exchange rate, fee, and final amount that will be delivered to your recipient.

You can transfer money to a GCash Mastercard card from any other card type, and to any of our supported destinations.

Why send money to GCash Cards via

As a GCash Mastercard user, you’ll find that receiving money via comes with a number of benefits, including:

  • Money delivered instantly, anywhere

When you transfer with, funds are delivered in minutes or even seconds, no matter which country you send from or to.

  • Send any currency

There are no currency limitations when you send money with You can send any of our supported currencies, irrespective of your default card currency. So when you send money to a GCash Mastercard card, you can transfer USD, GBP, EUR, AED, and more.

  • Transfer money abroad more easily

With you can easily transfer money to any Visa and Mastercard card with a few taps. Because you send money straight to cards, there are no bank fees, no hidden costs, and you only need your recipient’s card number or phone number in order to make a transfer.

  • Move money between accounts enables you to move money instantly between your own cards, no matter which currency they are issued in. This makes it easy to top up cards or move funds between cards in different currencies with minimals costs and no currency exchange markup.

Summing up

The GCash mobile wallet is a great option to make payments and shop on the go. For GCash customers who also use the GCash Mastercard card, enables instant, seamless international money transfers from any card.

Get started with here and order your GCash Mastercard card here.


Can I add my GCash card to

You may add up to 10 cards to your account, irrespective of the card type or issuing institution. You can add as many GCash cards as you wish, provided that your total number of cards doesn’t exceed 10.

Can I receive money to a GCash card with

Yes. You can both send and receive money to GCash Mastercard cards via

Which currencies can I send to a GCash Mastercard card with

You may send any of our supported currencies from any of your cards. Learn more about the currencies we support here.

Can I use the GCash card with outside the Philippines?

Yes. You can use the GCash Mastercard card in any of our 69 destinations worldwide.

Is there a limit to how much I can send to a GCash Mastercard card?

For security reasons, we apply limits to the amount of money a customer can send daily and monthly. These limits apply to all the cards in your account. You can find more information about our sending limits here.

Can I send money to the Philippines if I don't have a GCash Mastercard card?

Yes! You can send money to and from the Philippines using any of your Visa or Mastercard cards. See how money transfer works in the Philippines here.

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