How to Send Money to Yourself

How to Send Money to Yourself


Whether you exchange currency, deposit money to a savings account, or transfer money from one bank to another, you may be sending money to yourself more often than you realize.

But when you live abroad or hold accounts in different countries, things get more complicated because every money transfer becomes an international transaction.

Here’s how you can send money to yourself and how to choose the best money transfer method for your overseas transfers.

Ways to transfer money to yourself

When you need to send money to yourself across borders, you have several options - each with their pros and cons when it comes to costs, transfer time, and flexibility.

1. Bank account transfers

A bank account transfer is an accessible way to send money to yourself at your bank office, at an ATM, or online.

While domestic bank transfers are generally fast (same-day) and cheap (oftentimes free), international transactions are quite the opposite:

  • Fees apply if you’re transferring money between different banks;
  • Transfers may take several working days;
  • Currency exchange rates vary and might draw additional costs;
  • You may only send (and receive) the currency your account is issued in.

2. Digital & mobile wallets

Mobile wallets offer more flexibility when it comes to moving money between your own payment accounts. They’re also quicker than bank transfers and allow you to send a wider range of currencies, depending on the service you choose.

Many options of digital wallets exist, including Google Pay, Venmo, or Apple Pay which allow you to transfer money to different accounts and even to make purchases. You can learn more about digital wallets here.

But mobile wallets also have limitations; for example, to make a transfer to yourself using Zelle you need to register two different Zelle accounts, one for each bank account you wish to use.

3. Card to card transfers

Sending money to your card is a simple and convenient way to move money between your accounts or cards. is a card to card money transfer app that allows you to:

  • Transfer money to / from Visa and Mastercard cards in seconds;
  • Use any type of cards (debit, credit, prepaid, etc);
  • Send money to cards abroad.

You may add as many cards as you wish to your account and you can transfer any currency and any amount of money (no minimum amounts).

Also, no additional charges apply if you’re transferring between different types of card, card issuers, or currencies.

Exchanging currency

Very often, overseas money transfers involve currency exchange; for instance, if you’re from Poland and work in the UK, you may be sending GBP from your UK bank account to your PLN account in Poland.

In this case, a currency conversion will take place by the money transfer provider you’re using.

Currency exchange transfers are convenient because they can be performed by any bank or money transfer company that offers international transactions.

But keep in mind that:

  • Exchange rates are constantly floating so you may receive a smaller amount than you anticipate at the time of your transfer;
  • If you’re sending an international bank transfer, you’ll have to wait a few days for funds to arrive;
  • You may incur additional charges, especially if you’re sending between different banks.

Same-currency transfers

It is possible to make international transfers in the same currency as well. For example, you can send USD from the UK to USD in Pakistan, or EUR from France to EUR in Ukraine. is the only app that allows you to send any currency anywhere and from any card. With, you can:

  • Send and receive USD or EUR regardless of the currency your card is issued in. For example, you can send USD from a GBP card, EUR from a UAH card, etc;
  • Avoid the risk of currency fluctuations since money transfers are settled within minutes;
  • Take advantage of the most favorable exchange rate by finding the best time to send.

Here’s more about the benefits of same-currency transfers.

Sending money to yourself via

Many expats, freelancers, students and entrepreneurs choose to transfer money to their cards for several reasons.

  • Funds are delivered in seconds money transfers are completed instantly, regardless of the currencies or cards involved in the transaction.

  • Flexibility

You can decide which currency to send across 150+ countries. You can easily transfer USD or EUR between cards issued in distinct countries.

  • Easy to use

With the mobile app, you can send money on the go, 24/7. A single account is enough to make transfers to any of your cards.

  • Transparency

With, you’ll always see the final fee and the guaranteed exchange rate before you make a transfer. We don’t charge for currency exchange.

FAQ - Sending money to yourself

How long does a transfer take? Transfer times depend on the money transfer method. They can range from 3-5 working days in the case of bank transfers to 24h for most online money transfer services and digital wallets. money transfers are settled instantly.

Can I send money to an account abroad? You can transfer money to your bank accounts or cards issued overseas. Such transfers are subject to different cost structures and restrictions when it comes to currencies.

With, you can transfer money to any card in 150+ countries with no additional costs, regardless of the currencies you transact.

Which currencies can I transfer? To exchange currency between your accounts, you’ll have to check which currencies are supported by your chosen money transfer provider. You’ll typically be able to send and receive your local currency (or the currency your account or card is issued in).

Alternatively, you can send the currency of your choice from any of your cards using This includes internationally traded currencies such as the USD dollar and the euro.

Can I send USD to myself? With, you may send USD from any card (issued in any currency) and you may receive USD to any card (issued in any currency). Simply make sure you select USD as a currency for both the sender and the recipient when setting up your transfer.

How much does it cost to send money to myself? Each money transfer provided has their own fees and charges that you need to check before sending. International bank transfers are a more costly option. Costs will also be higher whenever a currency exchange is involved.

When you send with, you can transparently see the fee and conversion rate before you confirm your transfer, and there are no additional markups for currency exchange.

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