How You Can Support Israel Right Now

How You Can Support Israel Right Now


With thousands devastated by the ruthless terror attacks on Israel, local and global initiatives have emerged to provide support to all those affected and stand by the country’s efforts in the ongoing fights.

Here are ways you can support the people of Israel right now.

1. Provide housing, transportation on the ground

You can offer help locally by housing displaced people or offering transport out of the immediate conflict zones.

If you can provide housing, register using this form.

You can also provide or request housing here:

If you can offer transportation to hospitals or to support volunteers, register here.

For those in need of transportation, register here.

2. Health assistance

➤ A list of blood donation centers is available here:

➤ A call for medical volunteers was also launched for nationals and foreigners in Israel who are able to get involved. You can register using this form.

➤ Make donations (material or financial) to volunteer ambulance services who might be experiencing shortage in medical supplies:

➤ People across the country can seek support from mental health professionals. If you wish to speak to someone, register here

➤ You can also register as an emotional therapist volunteer here.

3. Make donations

➤ A central assistance center has been set up to help people in the south of the country with transportation services, food convoys, protective gear for soldiers, and more. You can make a donation here:

➤ The Root Foundation team also established an immediate aid fund for families. You can donate here:

➤ Israeli entrepreneurs and financial entities created the Crypto Aid Israel initiative where you can make crypto donations to help the families of the victims in Israel. Learn more and join the initiative here:

4. Send money from abroad

If you are abroad, transfer money to support the efforts of families, friends, volunteers, and organizations back in Israel during this war. continues to operate without any disruptions. We encourage those who can support Israel to provide immediate access to funds.

5. More ways to get involved

A centralized repository of resources and initiatives has been established here:

It covers more of the current needs such as locating missing persons, food assistance, support for armed forces, and more.

Thank you 🙏🇮🇱

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