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When planning a new trip, it is important to take care of your financial security. has prepared some useful tips for you on how to keep your money safe when traveling abroad.

1. Notify your bank

It’s always a good idea to let your bank know in advance where you are traveling to and for how long. Just give your bank’s customer service number a call or let them know via their banking app.

Notifying your bank means they won’t see specific international transactions as suspicious. If you don’t, they could freeze your account, leaving you without funds while on holiday. Not ideal!

2. Get a separate travel card

Do you have all your savings on one debit card? Then why not get a separate travel card for your trip to protect yourself from theft or loss?

For that extra level of security, you can instantly transfer money from your savings account to your travel card via the app. You will be able to manage your money easily on both cards and never have too much loaded on your travel card at any one time.

Another tip is to try to keep your debit and travel cards separate, one in your wallet and one in the hotel safe, for example. Alternating these throughout your trip means that if you lose one, you still have access to the other. You will also be able to transfer any money from your lost card immediately so that it doesn’t get stolen.

3. Save your bank’s phone number

Another tip is to write down a list of emergency contacts such as your family and friends, doctor, insurance company, and bank. Keep a few copies of this list in different places like your wallet, hotel safe, suitcase, and pocket of your hand luggage.

Saving your bank’s number, in particular, is a good idea so that you can call them straight away to block any lost or stolen cards.

4. Set limits on card transactions

If your account details are stolen, scammers may use your card to buy items before you have time to block them. It’s more profitable for fraudsters to purchase one expensive product than to carry out smaller transactions.

Setting daily limits on your accounts is important to stop this from happening. Scammers will then be unable to make those big purchases. But remember, think about your own transactions and how much you will be spending each day so that you don’t limit your personal purchases.

5. Always be prepared

Make sure you connect with your friends and family via the app before your trip. If something does happen to your bank cards, money can be transferred by your friends or family to you within minutes. It’s easy to pay them back in an instant, too!

Always keep yourself and your finances safe no matter where you are. Join our community today and download to make life easier.

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