The War on Ukraine: Here’s How You Can Help

The War on Ukraine: Here’s How You Can Help


In the face of war, it’s people who suffer the most. Time and again, we’ve seen that the violence of war brings nothing but hardship and fragility to the most vulnerable communities.

As the war in Ukraine progresses, more and more Ukrainian citizens are having to deal with fear, uncertainty, and a growing lack of access to vital resources or basic first aid.

More than 2 million Ukrainian residents have fled the country since the start of the war on February 24th, according to UN estimates and are seeking shelter in neighboring countries. The European Union fears the number of displaced people might get as high as four million.

But we can all get involved and support the people of Ukraine at their time of greatest need. Aid organizations, governments, private companies, and citizen initiatives have been stepping up to help all those in need.

If you wish to contribute, we’ve compiled a list of initiatives working to provide relief and avoid a deep humanitarian crisis. And remember: from money donations to shelter and psychological support, the involvement of each and every one of us can help make a difference.

Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Support a humanitarian aid organization
  • Provide shelter, food, clothes, or medicines
  • Support the Ukrainian army
  • Support independent media
  • More ways to help

Support a humanitarian aid organization

Many international, regional, and local NGOs are running donation campaigns to support the Ukrainian people.


UNICEF is working to provide safe water, health and emergency hygiene supplies, as well as psychosocial care to children in conflict-affected areas across Eastern Ukraine.

You can support their efforts here.

Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)

MSF has set up emergency response activities in Ukraine and deployed support teams to neighboring countries Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia, where tens of thousands are seeking refuge.

You can donate here.

UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

The UNHCR helps asylum seekers and refugees get access to social, medical, and welfare assistance. The United Nations has launched an emergency appeal for a combined $1.7 billion to urgently deliver humanitarian support to people in Ukraine and refugees in neighboring countries.

You can read more here.

Save the Children

Save the Children provides assistance to vulnerable children. The organization has been supplying food, shelter, cash grants, clothing, and medicines to vulnerable families ever since the start of the war in Eastern Ukraine in 2014.

You can make a donation here.

The UN Population Fund (UNFPA)

Active in Ukraine for decades, the UNFPA helps to deliver essential medicines, supplies , and services to women and girls. For every dollar collected, 92 cents go directly to the programme and service delivery.

You can make a donation here.

Voices of Children

Voices of Children is providing emergency psychological assistance to affected children and families all over Ukraine, helping them cope with the consequences of armed conflict.

You can make a donation via Patreon or directly on the organization's website.

The International Rescue Committee

The IRC has teams on the ground in Poland and is working with local partners in Poland and Ukraine to provide vital aid and resources to families that have been forced to flee their homes.

To make an emergency donation click here.

International Medical Corps

The International Medical Corps’ teams in Ukraine are responding to the conflict by expanding access to medical and mental health services for people living in affected communities and refugees.

Make a donation here.


CARE International works with partner organization People in Need to distribute emergency supplies including food, water, hygiene kits, and cash which could help 4 million vulnerable people in Ukraine.

Donations can be made here.

Project HOPE

Project HOPE is working on the ground in Ukraine to supply essential medicines and medical supplies as shortages of medical supplies are being reported by hospitals and health facilities.

You can support the organization with a donation here.

Sunflower of Peace

Sunflower of Peace is a US-based non-profit organization providing medical and humanitarian aid for people affected by war in Ukraine. They are collecting non-perishable medical supplies, including bandages and medicines, and also started a fundraiser via their Facebook page.

You can read more here and make a donation on their website.

Razom for Ukraine

A Ukrainian-based non-profit, Razom (meaning ”Together”) supports educational, cultural, and healthcare initiatives for conflict-affected communities in the East of Ukraine. They are currently running a fundraiser for the purchase and delivery of medical supplies in the country.

You can make a donation here.

NOVA Ukraine

Another US-based non-profit organization, NOVA Ukraine is allocating money to frontline volunteers who provide emergency resources to Ukrainian refugees and citizens still in the country. They also work to raise awareness about the Ukrainian crisis in the US.

You can support them here.


This non-governmental organization started as a volunteer initiative in 2014, and has since provided assistance to victims of military aggression in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. They help find shelter for internally displaced persons, assist in the evacuation of people from conflict zones, and collect and distribute humanitarian aid. You can help with a donation or by volunteering.

More information on the website.


If you wish to help but are having trouble selecting which organization to support, GoFundMe recently launched a donation hub for Ukraine. All funds raised are transparently distributed to verified non-profit organizations.

You can contribute here.

Provide shelter, food, clothes, or medicines

You can also support the people of Ukraine by offering food, medical supplies, clothes, first aid kits, accommodation, or transportation services.

Donations are flooding from all around the world - here’s a list of initiatives if you wish to get involved:

  • Post company Nova Poshta’s initiative called Humanitarian Nova Poshta delivers goods to people in Ukraine free of charge.

A list of global warehouses where you can take a parcel is available here.

  • Shelter for Ukraine: a website offering accommodation options for those who need shelter and other types of help due to war in Ukraine.

You can register to help here.

  • MAPAHELP: a website gathering information about organizations and people outside Ukraine who are ready to help Ukrainians for free. It offers information for obtaining accommodation, transport, medical and psychological help.

You can register to help here.

  • Host4Ukraine: offers free accommodation around the world.

If you wish to host, go to Host4Ukraine website.

Support the Ukrainian army

With many countries sending military aid to Ukraine since the start of the war, people have also mobilized to crowdfund to support the Ukrainian armed forces (an idea which goes back to 2014).

  1. Since February 24th 2022, a special fundraising account has been opened at the National Bank of Ukraine to support the country’s military. Transfers can be made online here.
  2. The Come Back Alive (Povernys Zhyvym) charity is also accepting contributions on the website.
  3. Kyiv-based charity Army SOS is also raising money to support the Ukrainian forces. You can find all donation options here.

Support independent media

Manipulation and censorship are powerful war weapons. In such times, it is important to have access to verified information coming from reliable, trustworthy sources, and to avoid harmful disinformation.

  1. The Kyiv Independent is Ukraine’s English-language media outlet, based on the principles of free-press and editorial independence. You can support the organization on Patreon or through GoFundMe.
  2. The New Voice of Ukraine covers news in English, Ukrainian, and Russian and publishes analyses and op-eds by Ukranian scholars and experts.
  3. A Twitter list of international verified journalists reporting on the Ukraine war is also available here.

More ways to help

There are even more things you can do to help. Here is a list of actions you can take to support Ukraine through the current crisis. For those who have had to leave their homes, local initiatives in neighboring countries offer different types of support - here are a few to check out:

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