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Since the invasion of Ukraine started three weeks ago, we’ve witnessed with shock and grief its tragic humanitarian consequences: broken families, displaced communities, lost lives.

We feel particularly heartbroken to see our communities of customers across countries face an uncertain future.

When we started, our goal was to create an easier way for people to connect and support their loved ones beyond the boundaries of countries, nationalities, or beliefs.

Helping families and communities stand together remains our top priority, and no decision comes lightly in such difficult times. But exceptional situations require exceptional measures.

Given the current regulatory climate, with payment systems no longer supporting transfers to and from Russia, our service remains suspended for all cards issued in Russia.

This means that no longer enables money transfers to or from Russian cards inside or outside of Russia. continues to work normally for all customers in other parts of the world.

Support for Ukrainians in the country and in the region

All of us at remain committed to helping our customers provide financial support to their loved ones during these critical times.

As local infrastructure in Ukraine is disrupted by continued attacks, access to banks and ATMs may become restricted for those on the ground. can be used to transfer money directly to the recipient’s card, with funds delivered instantly and immediately accessible. You can send money to anyone in Ukraine using their card number with no additional details.

For the nearly 3 million refugees who’ve had to flee the country since the start of the invasion, provides a quick and easy way to send money to relatives or friends still in Ukraine.

You can use to send money from any Mastercard or Visa card, regardless of the issuing bank or country. Read more about how to send an emergency money transfer with here.

For everyone outside of Ukraine wishing to get involved in bringing relief to the ongoing crisis, we offer fee-free money transfers to our partner humanitarian organizations in the country. Read more about how to make a free donation here.

In the meantime, our team continues to work to ensure the uninterrupted availability of our service. Half of them are doing so from underground shelters in Ukraine. Their health and safety remain our number one concern, and we thank them for their brave efforts.

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