How to Use for Emergency Money Transfers

How to Use for Emergency Money Transfers


In situations of crisis, conflict, or natural disaster, sending money to those in need can be the fastest and most effective way to help.

As we can sadly see these days, Ukraine is being devastated by war, with families having to separate and communities lacking access to vital supplies. When local infrastructure is affected and services are disrupted, access to cash or the ability to use bank accounts can also become restricted.

Since the start of the invasion, international money transfers to Ukraine have increased by close to 70%. You can support your family and friends in Ukraine or elsewhere with an instant money transfer using

See below how can help you send financial support in an emergency. For more ways to help the crisis in Ukraine, check out this previous post.

Options for cross-border money transfers

From wire transfers to peer-to-peer payment apps, you can typically choose from an extensive range of options when it comes to sending money abroad.

However, the time-sensitive nature of an emergency money transfer leaves you with far fewer alternatives.

Bank transfers

Although highly reliable and secure, international bank transfers are notoriously slow. A money transfer between bank accounts can take anywhere between 1 and 5 business to arrive, with many factors influencing the exact duration. You can read more about SWIFT money transfer here.

Sending cash

During an emergency, many local businesses and services can face disruptions. Sending cash through a money remittance service like Western Union or MoneyGram may not be your best choice if the recipient is unable to pick up the funds.

Sending money online

Sending money abroad online using services like Wise or mobile banks such as Revolut or N26 is faster and easier as long as your recipient also uses these services or you are both customers of the same bank.

Factors that can delay international money transfers

The speed of an international money transfer hinges on multiple factors including the sending and destination countries, the currency you send, or the chosen payment method.

If you are transferring money to a conflict or disaster-affected area, certain payment options such as ATM withdrawals or cash transfers may be unavailable.

Your transfer can also suffer additional delays if a currency conversion is required.

Making an emergency money transfer abroad with is a card to card money transfer app enabling you to send money instantly to more than 50 countries.

You can start transferring money with as soon as you've installed the app and added your card(s). We accept all types of payment cards issued by any bank, including Revolut, N26, or Wise.

Here is how can help you transfer money to family or friends back home in case of an emergency.

Send and receive money without a bank account

Unfortunately, conflict often generates displacement. If you’ve had to seek refuge abroad, opening a bank account can be difficult and time consuming.

To send money abroad with, you do not need to open a bank account or issue a new card. All you need to do is link your existing card(s) to

You can add any credit, debit, prepaid, virtual, or gift card branded by Visa or Mastercard and issued by any bank to your account. This includes mobile banks like Revolut, N26, Wise, or any other bank issuing Visa or Mastercard payment cards.

See more information here about the cards we accept.

You also have the option to make a transfer to someone who doesn’t use by sending money straight to their card number, with no other information.

Receive money in real time

In the face of a crisis, time becomes a luxury our loved ones cannot afford.

That’s why money transfers made with are delivered instantly. It only takes a few minutes for your recipient to receive the funds from the moment you make the transfer. is a money transfer platform and not a digital wallet, meaning we do not hold funds in a balance in order to release them at a later point.

The money you send goes directly from your card to your recipient’s card, in minutes.

Instant access to funds

When people are in need, immediate funds availability is crucial. With, money is transferred directly to the recipient card and is ready to use with no withdrawals or additional funds movements.


Transfer fees and charges are the last thing you need to be worrying about in an emergency.

We’ve done everything we can to keep things as simple and clear as possible. When you transfer money with you can see the full and final costs upfront, before you send.

There are no hidden fees and no markup on the exchange rate so you can keep costs down when sending any of our 160+ supported currencies.

We also take numerous measures to ensure the safety of all transfers in our network. You can read more about our security measures here.

At, our mission has always been to facilitate the fastest money transfers for people everywhere - no matter where they live, how they work, or what payment methods they prefer.

Through thick and thin, our priority remains the same: to provide a simple, convenient, and secure way for you to help your loved ones when they need you most.

To make an instant money transfer with today, get the app!

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