The Easiest Way to Send Money Home

The Easiest Way to Send Money Home


When you work or study abroad, getting to spend time with your family and friends easily becomes the highlight of your year.

But sometimes you can’t make it home no matter how much you’d like to. So how can you show your support and appreciation when you’re miles apart?

A practical, convenient, and (why not) surprising way to show you care is to send a money transfer. Here’s what you need to keep in mind if you decide to make an international money transfer.

It’s all about timing

A wire transfer is a common way to send money abroad, but be aware that international bank transfers are far from the fastest way to send.

Banks’ working schedules and cut-off times weigh hugely on the time it takes for your transfer to be processed and for your money to get to the destination. Around public holidays, your transfer is even likely to be put on hold for one or two extra days, depending on the holiday schedule.

But when your loved ones are counting on your support, you need a solution you can rely on. is the easiest and fastest way to send and receive money within minutes, anytime and anywhere.

Our instant money transfer platform is available year round, 24/7. So if you’re planning on sending your family a gift on Christmas Day or making a New Year’s Day surprise, you can be sure that money sent with will arrive instantly, no matter which country you send from or to.

Pay attention to the details

Wire transfers can be delayed for a whole number of other reasons than bank schedules and seasonality.

You can expect longer delivery times if, for example, the recipient’s bank account details are misspelled or incorrect, if you transact a less common currency, or due to time zone differences between the origin and destination countries.

To avoid the hassle and uncertainty - especially if you’re sending money in an emergency - rely on as a simple and convenient way to send money abroad.

With, you are not required to enter complex recipient payment details such as their address, bank name, IBAN, or SWIFT/BIC code.

Instead, you can send money straight to a contact in your phone or to a card number, without worrying that your transfer won’t get through due to incorrect information (or that you’ll ruin the surprise, for that matter :) ).

And if you want to feel absolutely sure that your money transfer will be delivered on time, with you can see the time estimate as well as the complete and final amounts upfront before you send.

Keep more of your money

Bank transfers are notorious for being an expensive way to send money. Bank fees, currency conversion charges, fluctuating currency exchange rates, and sometimes unseen costs are lost money for both you and your recipient.

So why waste your money on fees and charges when you can send money transparently and more affordably? shows you the exact amount you’ll be charged as well as the final fee, exchange rate, and amount that you recipient gets. There are no hidden fees and no extra charges so you can actually save money, especially if you transfer money home regularly.

And when you can save more, you can help more. Try today!

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